My Plan to secure a better future for Carshalton and Wallington

Carshalton and Wallington is a great place to live, work, run a business and raise a family but Matthew and the local Conservatives believe it could be even better. If elected on 8 June 2017, Matthew has a six-point plan to help achieve this.

1. Protect and enhance local health services like St Helier Hospital

Like everyone in Carshalton and Wallington, Matthew and his young family depend on St Helier Hospital. He will work with local NHS managers to ensure everyone gets the best-possible health services. He backs plans to build a new hospital in Sutton while keeping St Helier open, but also knows patients and staff deserve improved facilities there to be treated, recover and work in.

2. Secure enough good school places for all local children

As a parent of young children, Matthew has been troubled by the games local Liberal Democrat politicians have played over identifying and agreeing suitable new sites for schools. He wants to see a new school at Rosehill, but has reservations about the Sutton Hospital site, which is too small and is in the wrong location to best meet pupil needs. With at least 500 more places needed by 2020/21, there is a real danger local pupils will lose out. He will fight hard to make sure this doesn't happen and that all pupils - and their parents - get the education facilities they deserve.

3. Improving transport links to Carshalton and Wallington

As a commuter, Matthew knows that problems with Southern Rail and Thameslink are immensely frustrating, so helping resolve these will be a top priority. That means a proper plan of action, not just empty slogans about 'sacking' providers without working out what happens next. Matthew will also work with Paul Scully, the Conservative candidate in neighbouring Sutton and Cheam, to bring London Overground to Sutton via Wallington and Carshalton Beeches. He will also hold the Mayor of London to account for his decision to scrap funding for the tram.

4. Taking on the council for its chaotic decisions

Liberal Democrat-run council is embarrassing Sutton. Endless headlines in everything from the national press, our local Guardian, Private Eye and social media are putting our area on the map for all the wrong reasons, whether it be the recent '#Suttonbinshame' chaos with the new rubbish scheme, losing the only copy of a report which cost taxpayers £100,000 or many other things. The council has lost its way but Matthew will challenge it whenever it continues to let residents down.

5. Protect our precious local heritage

The decision to sell the historic Lodge in Carshalton at a more than £1m discount to a company the-then Liberal Democrat MP is an unpaid director and trustee of is a travesty, and none of the many promised community benefits have been realised. Meanwhile staffing changes at Honeywood and the sale of the Old Rectory have also concerned local residents. Matthew will fight hard to protect our local heritage and keep Carshalton and Wallington special.

6. Champion our green spaces and the environment

Our area is blessed with many beautiful open spaces, but the clean air we breathe is under threat from the vast, Lib Dem-backed incinerator being built on Beddington Lane despite vocal opposition from residents and local Conservatives. Matthew will work hard with Greater London Assembly member Steve O'Connell to keep our air clean, reporting any broken emissions limits to the Environment Agency, and will press for further investigation into the links between the Liberal Democrats and incinerator bosses.